Mamibot EXVAC680

Mamibot EXVAC680

All-In-One APP & Wi-Fi Controlled Smart Vacuum Cleaner and Mop.  This camera navigating robot cleaner has a big 370mL water tank that can control the the water flow speed.

With 5 cleaning modes, 3 levels of filtering and 16 detection sensors this multiple room cleaner can designate which areas to clean or mop.  In addition to the auto zoning and resume cleaning feature, it offers a strong suction power, high speed rotation, low noise and low power consumption.  This V+Gyro SLAM Vacuum Cleaning Robot is Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible.  This Smarteye EXVAC680 is a must have in your home or office.

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Camera capturing, V+Gyro SLAM Navigation, Sweeping, Vacuum and Mopping with Google Home, Amazon Alexa

  • $449.99
  • 3 or more $399.99