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iClebo Omega



iClebo Omega: Engineered for More Free Time






OMEGA-Dream-Come-True Technology

More Knowledge. More Power.

Introducing one of the world’s most powerful robot vacuums on the market. 


Technology That Cleans Your Home and Complements Your Lifestyle.

Omega - Your Home’s Favorite Vacuum.

Omega moves easily around your home and across different floor types thanks to its adjustable 19/32” climbing height

and five-step cleaning system with enhanced Cleaning Coverage and Visual Camera Mapping System.

Ultra-Powerful BLDC Motor

Improved BLDC motor lasts more than ten years, and its performance is 110 times more powerful than existing models



iCLEBO Omega outperformed the competitors’ robots on cleaning results


Camera-Based Smart Cleaning and Mapping System

Acquires the surrounding environment data and builds the high-precision map to maximize the cleaning efficiency of the home and office environment



Patented cutting edge V6 blade

Advanced V6 rubber blade prevents itself from getting stuck with hair tangles. It is especially useful for locations with pets.

This design significantly reduces maintenance (e.g., removing hair tangles) and improves product life.



Deep Corner Cleaning algorithms with 19 obstacle detection sensors

Features Intelligent Turbo Mode that recognizes areas with heavy particulates and automatically adjusts to Turbo mode for stronger suction.

Turning on Turbo Mode manually via IR Remote also allows custom control of suction power when you want to intensively collect particles.



Unique 5-Step Cleaning System



More convenient features




Leading robot company YUJIN ROBOT meets the world-class industrial design group INNO DESIGN.


Robot Specification
Model / Part Number:YCR-M07-10
Battery:Lithium Ion(U-Ion)
Dimensions(WxDxH):13.62" x 13.92" x 3.42"
Weight:6.83 lbs
Filter:Antibacterial Filter / HEPA
Charging Time:180 Minutes
Running Time:80 Minutes

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Q: Error code

All of the sudden my iClebro Omega will start then run a little then it gives the error code C2 (floor not detected). It just started doing this recently after coming off the base, so I reset it and moved it and it runs a little bit then give the same error code. I have cleaned it and it still does the same thing. Please help, I love my iClebro Omega.

Q: Model difference

What is the difference in specs/capabilities between models ycr-m07-10 and ycr-m07-20

Q: Omega Slowing down

I have been using this for a couple of months but it seem to be slowing down. I have already emptied the bin, shut down the system completely for an hour but it is still operating slower than when we first bought it. Is it not durable?or does it need software update?
Yue Ying

A: Dear Yue, Thank you for your inquiry. Hair and particle bundles around the various motor sections of the robot can cause reduced performances. Try removing the side brushes and the main brush to locate any debris. Also check around the wheel area for anything wrapped around the axle. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at 1-855-926-1601 or send an email to support@yujinrobotinc.com. Best Wishes, iClebo Customer Support

iClebo Customer Support

Q: I want to ask about this robot, what is the type of the radiation in the fall sensor is? I want to ask about this robot, what is the type of the radiation in the fall sensor is?


A: Hi Mark, The robot detects a fall is near after 1.27 cm of approaching a non-surface area. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at support@yujinrobotinc.com

iClebo Customer Support

Q: What is the watt/hour rating of the battery? It's important to know for airline travel. What is the watt/hour rating of the battery? It's important to know for airline travel.


A: Dear Sam, Here are the battery Specs: 14.4V 63.36Wh(4400mAh) Lithium-ion If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 855-926-1601. Thank you, iClebo Customer Support

iClebo Customer Support
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Introducing one of the world’s most powerful robot vacuums on the market. Omega lives up to its reputation for power and performance. Innovative navigation sensors, jamresistant technology, and a one-of-a-kind Turbo Mode let Omega clean each room with more effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Product Code: YCR-M07-10
  • Availability: In Stock

• 5 Step Cleaning System 

• Camera-based Vision Mapping 

• Intelligent Turbo Mode

• Anti-Tangle V6 Blade

• Ultra Powerful BLDC Motor 

• 2:1 Vacuum and Wet Mopping 


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