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iClebo O5


iClebo O5: Engineered for More Free Time




Many convenient
features of iClebo O5
Remote Cleaning Master
to clean anywhere!
Set My cleaning mode for customized cleaning.
Remote Cleaning with Wifi App
Start and stop cleaning anytime anywhere. Check cleaning status in real time.
My Cleaning Mode
Customize suction
Level and Cleaning Mode
based on your lifestyle.
Schedule Cleaning
Sets up to seven cleaning
schedules choosing
the day and time.
Software Update
Enhance functionality of
your iClebo with
automatic software updates,
simply by saving
the unique serial number of
your iClebo in the app.
Smart App Editor
Map editor function can create a mapping of your home,
enabling you to select the desired cleaning area or block an area.
Real-Time Map
Monitors cleaning
pattern of the robot
and saves the mapping
of your home
Non-Cleaning Zone
Set a virtual Non-cleaning
area on a saved map.
App design can be changed
with application updates
Deep Corner
Camera Mapping System
The Camera Mapping captures 20 frames per second
remembering the location and cleaning the hard to
reach zones underneath tables and sofas.
Over 95% of the coverage area
With deep corner algorithm,
iClebo covers over 95% of the cleaning area
according to the IEC Standard Test Environment.
Yujin Robot's
technology enables
more precise
driving of the robot
The Gyro sensor technology
and mapping system consist
of compasses and
encoders that calculates
the rotational angles of the
wheels offering for a more
advanced driving system
Smart auto charging
and resume cleaning
Auto-charging allows the cleaner to return to its base station for
a charge to resume cleaning the remaining areas.
Wide Suction Area
Customize suction
A 7.8-inch width inlet
cleans more area most
other robot
vacuum cleaners.
Fall Prevention
Recognizes over 1.5 inches
of height avoiding
falls down stairs or raised cliffs.
Rubber bumper
The bumper sensor
recognizes objects to
reduce any possible
damage to furniture.
detection sensor
It perceives the obstacles
and stops before
hitting anything.
※ The robot may bump into narrow
objects like table legs
or low furnitures
Cleans 99% of the debris with
superpower suction
Super powerful
BLDC suction motor enables quick and easy cleaning.
※ BLDC Motor increase durability by reducing the wearable parts
inside the motor, and does not increase noise
or degrade performance for long use.
Cleans 99.9%
of rice based
on IEC International
Test Environment
It shows 99.9% cleaning
performance of rice on
regular hardwood floors.
˙ Tested on a hardwood floor with 3-levels of suction power
˙ Based on Experimental (IEC international test environment standard)
laboratory results
Dual side brush
perfects the edge
cleaning rotating
150 times per minute.
Turbo Mode
suction power
Automatically detects
dusty areas by increasing
the suction power level
Flexible suction mode
The suction power can be adjusted from 1-3 levels.
The level 1 mode offers more quiet cleaning experience.
low noise cleaning
The official noise of the
iClebo O5 is 35% lower(level1)
than other robot vacuums,
which gives you a good
night rest while it cleans.
Anti-tangle blades
The V6 minimizes hair tangles on the main brush,
making maintenance even easier.
Slim & Simple Design
Leading robot company ‘Yujin Robot’ meets
the world-class industrial design group ‘Inno Design.’
gives a simple, sleek and enhanced
design to compliment your lifestyle.
With a 3.5 inch slim design, iClebo can clean underneath
sofas, beds, closets, and other hard to reach areas
that cannot be covered by conventional vacuums.
Threshold and carpet climb
Climbs up to 1.5 cm over doorsills and mounds.
Compatible with
Amazon Alexa and
Google Assistant
Driving Mode Maximize
Cleaning Efficiency
Omega delivers the ultimate cleaning experience with
three different types of
driving modes to minimize missing spots and
help maximize cleaning efficiency. (Navi, Spot, and Max)
EPA 11 filters our 95%
of the 0.3μm fine dust.
120 minutes Cleaning Time
With a lithium-ion battery, iClebo O5 can clean
120 minutes in level 1 suction power
Eco Energy Saving
Automatic energy saving system
* The specifications and the form of the components may change due to the circumstances of the company.
Robot Specification
Model / Part Number:YCR-M07-20W
Battery:Lithium Ion(U-Ion)
Dimensions(WxDxH):13.62" x 13.92" x 3.42"
Weight:7.1 lbs
Filter:Antibacterial Filter / HEPA
Charging Time:240 Minutes
Running Time:120 Minutes(Max)

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The iClebo O5 can achieve the goals you set out for it with its programmable Remote WiFi cleaning feature.  With the Smart App Editor, the tap of a button will let you clean anywhere anytime. Compatible with Google Assistant the Omega O5 offers an audible voice service announcing the status condition of your robot. 

  • Product Code: YCR-M07-20W
  • Availability: In Stock

• Wi-Fi connectivity enables remote cleaning 

• Smart Camera Mapping System

• V6 tangle free rubber blade

• Adjustable suction mode

• Compatible with Google Assistant


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