What surfaces will the iClebo vacuums work on?

The iClebo vacuums works best on all flat surfaces and non shaggy carpets.

How loud are the iClebo vacuums?

The iClebo vacuums are fairly low noise devices ranging from 58 dB[A] to 68.5 dB[A] and 70 dB[A] in the turbo mode depending on your model.

When do the iClebo vacuums need to recharge? How long will they run on a full charge?

The iClebo vacuums automatically recharge themselves when the battery gets low after approximately 2 hours of run time. It typically takes the vacuums 110 minutes to fully charge. The iClebo Omega vacuum take 180 minutes to charge and offers 80 minutes of run time due to its advanced strength and suction.

Will iClebo vacuums damage my furniture or walls?

No, due to the detection sensors and spring action bumpers, iClebo vacuums are designed to prevent damage to furniture or walls.

Will iClebo vacuums pick up dog and cat hair?

The iClebo vacuums are excellent for picking up pet hair and are mostly desired by consumers for this reason.

How often do I have to empty the dustbin?

When the dustbin is visibly full, shown through the clear container, you may empty the debri and particles. Once the dustbin gets full an error code will display on the touch screen panel.

How does the mopping feature work?

The mopping feature is activated by manually submerging the mop pad into a liquid solution and attaching it to the mop plate positioned under the robot. The mopping icon will indicate when the device is in mop mode.

How many mopping pads are included with the vacuum?

Two well stitched microfiber mop pads come included with the robot vacuum.

How do I clean the mopping pads?

The mop pads are machine washable.

Do the iClebo vacuums auto-recharge themselves?

Yes, the docking station calls the robot back to its base automatically when the battery is low and later resumes cleaning once it recharges.

Do the iClebo vacuums come with a remote?

Yes, the iClebo vacumms have a remote to enhance their capabilities of operation.

What kind of warranty does the iClebo vacuum come with?

iClebo vacuums come with a 1 year manufacture service warranty of any malfunctions excluding liquid damages and physical abuse. You can find more information on the warranty below the FAQ.

What’s the difference between Turbo Mode and Max Mode?

The turbo mode is used to maximize the suction and the max mode is a combination of cleaning modes used for extended and thorough cleaning.

How does the scheduling system work?

The robot allows you to schedule a set day, time and mode for scheduled cleaning without your assistance, depending on your model.

Will the vacuum fall down a staircase?

No, the iClebo robot vacuum has positioning detection sensors prohibiting it from going over any steep edges. 

What is the magnetic boundary tape for?

The boundary strip is used for blocking off an area by placing it in front of the entrance or doorway.

Can I leave it on the charger when I'm not using it?

Yes, there is no need to disconnect or turn off the power switch if the robot is not in use.

Can I reorder more filters and mop pads?

Yes, all accessories can be reordered for your needs.

What is the camera for?

The camera maps the full dimensions of a room to assure a throrough and complete cleaning.

Where is the cleaning brush located?

The cleaning brush is located in the upper top cover of the docking station.

When should I change the filter?

When the blue section of the filter is worn and no longer visible it is recommended to change the filter.

Can I reuse the antibacterial filter?

Yes, you can use the cleaning brush to clean and reuse your filter if needed.